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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 18, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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traffic. elissa harrington kpix 5. 4:31 now, a woman was rushed to the hospital after she was beaten and raped on the uc santa cruz campus. it happened along campus away shortly after noon. she suffered injuries to her head and torso. she did manage to call 911 after the attack and gave police a good description of that suspect. san francisco police have released a sketch of a man they say attacked two women mt. mission district. -- in the mission district, between 22nd and 23rd. the suspect allegely punched a woman several times and ran away. a similar attack happened a month earlier. robbery or sexual assault do not appear to be the motives. people on treasure island are remembering a 10-year-old girl who died in a weekend fire in a second story apartment. the cause of that fire is still a mystery. kpix 5 reporter cate cauguiran is on treasure island this morning with an update.
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>> reporter: good morning, i want to show you there is a memorial that is growing outside of that apartment here on mariner drive honoring that little girl. the cause of the fire at this point appears to be accidental but police are expected to release a detailed report this week. last night, though was about honoring the 10-year-old girl. they gathered at vigil of corlina godfrey. >> every single one of you youngsters that are here, be grateful. every parent, hug your child, let them know how important they are. speak something over them that gives them the signal of love and appreciation. the fire happened just after midnight two days ago and by the time firefighters got to the scene, they could not save the little girl. at this point investigators aren't sure how this whole thing started in the first place. it is going to be a continuing
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investigation. reporting live in island cate cauguiran kpix 5. three dozen rescuers are being credited with helping a stranded hiker off rocky hillside at 5:00 p.m. yesterday. one person was able to climb down alone and one of the other hikers was stuck and needed assistance. everyone was eventually helped to safety and no one was injured. golden gate ferries are running on their holiday schedule today after a collision between one of the ferries and a motor boat. it happened in the raccoon strait. two people aboard the 22-foot motor boat were seriously injured in the collision. it happened about 10 minutes after the ms san francisco had left san soledo. the coast guard is investigating the accident. some people are surprised this doesn't happen more often. >> you have initial things coming in but we can't release anything official until the
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entire investigation is complete unfortunately. >> we're watching it coming in and all the rowers are going right in front of them, how fast can the ferries go. >> reporter: members of the ferry crews are on administrative leave while the investigation continues. part of that includes drug tests for the crew. today is a holiday, president's day, and a day off for some workers. >> most government offices are closed as are post offices, libraries and banks and schools, and most garbage collection will go on as scheduled today. most transit systems will be on regular schedules today including caltran, vta and muni and the exceptions exceptions b.a.r.t. which the on the saturday schedule and ac transit which is on a holiday schedule. what a weekend it was. >> take credit for it my friend
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because it's about to change. >> would you quit saying it's nice weather. we need rain. it's on the way. not today though. i think a nice president's day outside. a few clouds making their way into our skies this morning but you can see the cold front, at least the first part of it beginning to move into far northern california. it's going to take a good day before it gets down here. we will see clouds from the system as it begins to slide in later on. expect a partly cloudy afternoon around the way area. temperatures if you're headed out the door r this morning, a little chilly in the spots. livermore checking in at 39 degrees. and 39 in santa rosa. by the afternoon, the highs are going to be cooler today, not as warm as the weekend. the highs generally topping out in the upper 50s along the bay area. and much cooler weather to come. not only could we see rain, but maybe a little snow, too. we'll have more in a moment. let's check out the roads with elizabeth. and in the south bay, 880
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approaching montague expressway. all lanes are clear as of a few minutes ago. the main lins of the freeway are moving at top speeds. we have our live reporter on scene at 101 and blossom hill road, the scene of an overnight fatal accident. the main lines are not impacted. you will find road closures approaching 101 on blossom road. that's where you'll find the delays. police crews still on scene investigating the accident overnight, and golden gate bridge traffic flowing nicely. a lot of folks have the long three day weekend and mass transit is on a holiday schedule including b.a.r.t. trains. just a heads up. that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. venezuelan president is back in his home country. he returned early after
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undergoing cancer treatment and they say chavez will continue the treatment at a military hospital in caracas. he has spoken publicly. mindy mccready has died at 37 and apparently at her own hand. she was found dead on the front porch of her house in arkansas. her death comes a month after her boyfriend apparently killed himself on that same porch. her career was sidelined by a number of personal problems since she had a number one hit in 1996 called guys do it all the time. the olympic hero has canceled his upcoming races because he's charged with murder. oscar pistorius is accused of killing his girlfriend revue steenkamp at his home on value teen -- valentine's day. immigration reform is back in the spotlight. it calls for a path to u.s.
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citizenship for illegal immigrants but wouldn't be granted permanent residence status until eight years after the bill is enacted. come republicans accuse the white house of intentionally leaking the information after president obama said he'd let bipartisan talks take the lead. the administration insists this is a back up plan. >> we will be prepared with our own plan if these talks break down. some republicans also criticized the draft plan for not addressing border security. senator john mccain of arizona is chiding his fellow republicans for stalling a confirmation vote on chuck hagel. he told meet the press he doesn't not plan to vote for him, but he says there's been enough time to get questions answered about whether hagel is qualified for the job. environmentalists are pressing the president to go
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further on his promise for climate change. 5000 people rallied here in san francisco yesterday. they want the obama administration to reject the keystone oil pipeline that would carry oil from canada down to texas. >> this is putting a face on the public support for clean energy and opposition to the dirty keystone excel pipeline. >> 40,000 demonstrators joined a similar protest in washington dc. checking headlines on this monday. san francisco mayor says the blue angels could be grounded this year by congress. the navy has circulated a memo that if lawmakers can't reach a budget agreement before the march 1st sequestration deadline, the popular aerial acrobatic show will be canceled. nearly a million people crowd along the water front to watch
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the blue angels every year. a plan to build new hangars has hit a snag. san jose city leaders will meet to talk about the project later this week and one of the companies whose bid was rejected is already objecting, claims it can create more revenue than the 3 million- dollar projected by the winning bidder. time is 4:40. turn off the tube. how certain tv shows could make your child more aggressive. and pain at the pump, will there be any relief for the rising gas prices. and don't get between a dog and his owner. how this persistent pup broke into a florida courthouse.
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its owner. not even the law. take a look. this little pooch scratched the door floors at a miami . nothing comes between the dog and its owner, not even the law. the pooch is scratching the doors, pacing the floors, at the miami courthouse trying to find his owner. he finally breaks through the
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entrance only minutes later to be escorted back outside. this canine doesn't go out without a fight. a reunited with man and man's best friend. >> very cute. >> wanted to find dad. >> i know it. 4:43 let's get another check of weather. >> we shall because changes are coming. >> it's a gorgeous weekend weather wise. it finally looks like we're shifting gears. a few more clouds, patchy fog this morning and mid to high level clouds likely to move in by the afternoon. the cold front looks to bring rain back into the bay area, not today. they'll stay dry outside today. you'll see some of the clouds. as we head through the day, we'll see a mixture of sunshine, clouds, and cooler temperatures, and big changes on the way. storm clouds on the horizon. this may begin to open a door to a series of storms working their way towards the bay area. it's going to hold on long enough to bring a dry
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president's day, and the cold front comes through and will bring with it cold air. snow levels down to 2000 feet locally. temperatures for today, 60s and 70s in the central valley, 40s and 50s in the high country. 51 degrees in the monterey bay. as we head toward the afternoon, we'll see more clouds, and as we get in tomorrow, a few more clouds move in. and scattered showers rolling through the bay area. maybe a quarter, half inch of rain. and today, enjoy it, it will be 58 degrees in morgan hill. and up into the 40s. and you have 50s in oakland, 55 degrees in san francisco. and 57 degrees in santa row that. next couple -- santa rosa. next couple days return to rain, and by wednesday, looks like we'll dry things out, slight chance of a few showers, at least near the coastline and then on friday night, a chance of showers and a little unsettled into the weekend. that's a look at the forecast.
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let's check on the roads with elizabeth. here's your live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. nice and quiet so far, this president's day hold day. if you're heading into the san francisco and here a live look at the nimitz. everything is pretty quiet between downtown and hayward. they've been doing a widening project and we'll check in with caltrans. here's the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights so at 4:46 you're cruising right along. we are watching this one overnight fatal accident. we have a crew on scene at blossom hill road. it's closed approaching highway 101. the main lines of the freeway are not impacted. the rest of the south bay, throughout san jose looks pretty quiet. southbound 101, a nice drive across the golden gate bridge, heading toward doyle drive.
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b.a.r.t., ace, muni, if you're using mass transit to travel anywhere around the bay area, that is a check of traffic, back to you guys. the weekend crowds at the vatican were larger than usual as pope benedict the 16th made one of his last public appearance before he retired. >> the pope announced last week that he'll retire at the end of the month. a hundred thousand people jammed st. peter's square yesterday. >> we knew sunday would be an opportune time. one of the last times to see him as pope. >> the only reference to his retirement was in spanish when he asked the crowd to pray for the next pope. a group described as al- qaeda franchise is claiming responsibility for a weekend car bombing that killed at least 37 people in iraq. more than a hundred people were wounded. it happened in a shitete.
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a meet processing company in france is vowing to prove its innocence as more companies report finding traces of horse meat in its beef products. the products in question have been linked to the french company. among the latest are are austria and norway where they detected horse meat in ready to eat beef meals. the dow is coming off a second straight week of losses and it gained 8 points on friday. the nasdaq dropped 6. when business resumes tomorrow, investors will get the latest numbers on home sales and construction. gas prices are not expected to go down anytime soon. the average price for a gallon of regular nationwide is 3.67. in california, 4.13. that's up nearly 50-cents from
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a month ago. surprisingly we're under the state average in the bay area. it's unusual. we're paying 4:06 a gallon. prices are likely to rise as the refineries switch over to summer blend gas. a new study offers guidance on what kids should watch and how often. researchers found that children who watch tv obsessively, are more likely to engage in antisocial behavior and the risk of criminal behavior is increased. and the type of programming that kids watch can make a big difference in their behavior. the study tracked more than 500 children between the ages of 3 and 5 and when parents substituted educational programming with shows with violent content, they had
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significantly less aggression. time 4:49, leading the way, how history was made in nascar over the weekend. >> and can they repeat the magic from 2012, we're going to go to phoenix for a little spring training with the oakland a's. and watered down whiskey doesn't fly, the change that caused a consumer uproar.
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a few more clouds coming our way. in fact big changes, enjoy the dry day. wet weather is on the way. we'll talk about it coming up. and so far things are holiday light across the bay area bridges. we hope it stays that way. a live look across the golden gate bridge, the bay bridge,
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and we'll have a check of mass transit on a holiday schedule. a big breakthrough for race car driver danica patrick. she became the first woman ever to win the daytona 500 pole position with an average speed of 196 miles per hour. jeff gordon was the only other driver to come close. it's considered nascar's premier event and the race is set for next sunday, danica, good for her. >> a lot of people rooting for her, too. it's the middle of winter but the boys of summer are in spring training getting ready to play ball. >> let's check in with sports director dennis o'donnell in the desert. >> reporter: good morning everybody from phoenix arizona, the a's and giants are officially underway. it is time to play ball. >> people have that confidence, you can kind of see it when they come back and they're ready, they're excited, everybody east energetic to
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come out and play. >> reporter: oakland's magic carpet ride flew to unexpected destinations last year. the magic is still here. it's unmistakennable. can you catch lightening in a bottle twice. >> i pride myself, and we were the underdog and overcoming. >> reporter: gone are holmes, and bran b don mccar think. -- mccarthy. and outfielder chris young. a trio of key additions adding experience and pop to the a's line up. >> you never know going into the season, no matter what the payroll may be. it's about the character in the clubhouse. you have to be good and get lucky and a few walk offs later, you're right there in it. >> reporter: two world series titles in three years, an
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entire pitching staff returning, the reigning mvp buster posey and the manager of the year. not since the yankees in 2000 has a baseball team won back to back world series. >> a lot of people think that we got lucky and we're going to prove that we won it because we have talent and know how to play the game. >> reporter: following the 2010 world series win, the giants didn't make it back to the playoffs in 2011, and there was one big reason why. how does it feel right now compared to last season. >> there's a big difference. i don't feel like i have any limitations. at this point last year there were definitely some so it feels good. >> reporter: the giants are going for the second world championship, the a's trying to take it one step further. in phoenix arizona, i'm dennis o'donnell. let's go back to you guys in san francisco. >> when you watched the whole piece, what was the most
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importantly thing you saw there. angel pagan, she lit up. makers mark is reversing its decision to reduce the amount of alcohol. the outcry from consumers was loud and clear. the company tweeted, you spoke, we listened. the alcohol content will return to 90 proof. >> they like their whiskey. >> i'm sure a lot of people are happy about that. 4:56, troubling trend, how many mills of dollars are lost by b.a.r.t. workers b absences. and what may have contributed to mindy mccready's death. a deadly police chase through the streets of san jose and involved teenagers and reached speeds up to 100 miles per hour. i'll be live with the latest.
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this is kpix 5 news.
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we're live in san jose, where a police chase turned deadly last night. what happened and how it's affecting traffic this morning. plus a country music star found dead, how a troubled past could have contributed to her death. and a few clouds rolling into the bay area. cooler weather is on the way and maybe rain. we'll talk about it coming un. and on this president's day holiday, a lot of mass transit is on a special schedule. we'll tell you which ones. that's coming up. it's monday, february 18th february 18th i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5 on this monday, now, and developing news in san jose where a cop dodged a car that was trying to run him down. >> and he got back into the car and chased the suspect. elissa harrington is in san jose where the chase ended with a deadly crash. >> reporter: good morning and behind me you can see where tow trucks are getting ready to remove the vehicle.
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the chase lasted 6 miles and ended here when the driver lost control and flipped his car. he died at the scene. now here's what we know. police say that the 20-year-old driver was in a stolen suv with two females, ages 16 and 17. the san jose police officer attempt add routine traffic stop for a different car at capital expressway and towers lane. the officer got out to walk up to the window when the driver of the suv hit the gas. >> talking to the driver of that vehicle, another vehicle came up behind him, heard a loud noise, a roaring of the engine, as it got closer, he shined his flashlight i believe and noticed that the driver of the vehicle was making eye contact with him, and he knew the person was driving the vehicle toward him. he jumped on the hood of the car to be avoiding the suspect vehicle. >> reporter: officers chased the vehicle which had turned off its headlights and was traveling up to 100 miles per hour. the roads were pretty clear
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since this happened at 11 last night. the driver lost control and flipped on blossom hill road. it lained in a ditch near -- landed in a ditch near a mobile home park. both teenagers in the car were treated for minor injuries and as you can see, it's getting ready to reopen as the car is towed from the scene. police are trying to determine what caused that driver to charge the officer in the first place. no names are being released this morning. live in san jose elissa harrington kpix 5. thanks. police in santa cruz are looking for a man who attacked a woman in broad daylight. the 21-year-old victim says she was beaten and raped on the uc campus. she was able to call 911 after the attack and was taken to the hospital. police sate woman suffered injuries to her head and torso. she was able, though, to give police a good description to help in the search for that suspect. and a police sketch is out for a man who allegedly attacked two women in the


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